HITB Magazine número 10


La revista trimestral HITB (Hack In The Box) ha lanzado su décimos número. Es una revista electrónica sobre sobre seguridad informática que te puedes descargar de forma totalmente gratuita desde este enlace (PDF).

El contenido de ésta es el siguiente:

  • Network Security
    • TCP Idle Scans in IPv6
    • You Can Be Anything You Want To Be: Bypassing “Certified” Crypto in Banking Apps
    • Practical Attacks Against Encrypted VoIP Communications
  • Database Security
    • Attacking MongoDB: Attack Scenarios Against a NoSQL Database 
  • Application Security
    • Random Numbers. Take Two: New Techniques to Attack Pseudorandom Number Generators in PHP
    • Hunting for OS X Rootkits in Memory
    • Revealing Embedded Fingerprints: Deriving Intelligence from USB Stack Interactions
    • Diving Into IE 10’s Enhanced Protected Mode Sandbox
    • Exploiting XML Digital Signature Implementations
    • Defeating Signed BIOS Enforcement
  • Computer Forensics
    • Dynamic Tamper-Evidence for Physical Layer Protection
    • SVFORTH: A Forth for Security Analysis and Visualization
  • Computer Security
    • Under the Hood: How Actaeon Unveils Your Hypervisor
  • Mobile Security
    • Introduction to Advanced Security Analysis of iOS Applications with iNalyzer