Presentaciones de la HITB SecConf 2010 - Malasia

Alexander Polyakov - Attacking SAP Users with sapsploit Fabian Mihailowitsch - Detecting Hardware Keyloggers Jonathan Brossard - Breaking Virtualization by Any Means Marco Slaviero - Cache on Delivery Meder Kydyraliev - Milking a Horse Laurent Oudot - Analyzing Massive Web Attacks Luis Corrons - Lessons Learned from Mariposa Mary Yeoh - Fuzzing the RTL Sebastian Ziegler - Smartphones, Applications and Security Shreeraj Shah - Hacking a Browsers DOM Halbronn and Jean Sigwald - iPhone Security Model Dennis Brown - Botnet Command and Control with Tor Jean Baptise Bedrune - Cracking DRM Paul Thierault - Can You Trust Your Workers The Grugq - Attacking GSM Basestations Claudio Criscione - Virtually Pwned Pentesting VMWare Don Bailey - Micro Control Long Le and Thanh Nguyen - Payload Already Inside Mitja Kolsek - Remote Binary Planting Saumil Shah - Exploit Delivery Chris Wysopal - Perpetual Insecurity Machine Paul Vixie - Taking Back The DNS