HTML Examples, ejemplos de código HTML

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A estas alturas ya todos conocéis en más o menos profundidad el lenguaje de marcado HTML (base de todas las páginas web de Internet), pero nunca viene mal tener a mano una web donde nos muestren ejemplos de código fuente más frecuentes (como enlaces, imágenes, formateo de texto, etc) y el resultado de su ejecución.

En la web de, puedes encontrar este genial enlace llamado HTML Examples, en el cual puedes ver una gran variedad de ejemplos que pasamos a listar:

Haz click abajo para ver el listado completo de ejemplos que nos ofrecen:

HTML Basic

A very simple HTML document HTML headings HTML paragraphs HTML links HTML images

Examples explained

HTML Headings

HTML headings Insert comments in the HTML source code Insert horizontal lines

Examples explained

HTML Paragraphs

HTML paragraphs More paragraphs The use of line breaks Poem problems (some problems with HTML formatting)

Examples explained

HTML Text Formatting

Text formatting Preformatted text (how to control line breaks and spaces) Different computer-output tags Insert contact information Abbreviations and acronyms Text direction Long and short quotations How to mark deleted and inserted text

Examples explained

HTML Styles

Style HTML elements Style background color Style font, color, and size Style alignment of text

Examples explained

HTML Links

How to create hyperlinks Use an image as a link Open link in a new browser window Jump to another part of a document (on the same page) Break out of a frame How to link to a mail message (will only work if you have mail installed) Another mailto link

Examples explained

HTML Images

Insert images Insert images from another folder or another server Aligning images Let the image float to the left/right of a paragraph Make a hyperlink of an image Create an image-map, with clickable regions

Examples explained

HTML Tables

Simple tables Different table borders Tables without borders Table headers Table with a caption Table cells that span more than one row/column Tags inside a table Cell padding (control the white space between cell content and the borders Cell spacing (control the distance between cells) The frame attribute

Examples explained

HTML Lists

An unordered list An ordered list Different types of ordered lists Different types of unordered Lists Nested list Nested list 2 Definition list

Examples explained

HTML Forms and Input

Create text fields Create password field Checkboxes Radio buttons Simple drop-down list Drop-down list with a pre-selected value Textarea (a multi-line text input field) Create a button Draw a border around form-data Form with text fields and a submit button Form with checkboxes and a submit button Form with radiobuttons and a submit button Send e-mail from a form

Examples explained

HTML Frames

A vertical frameset A horizontal frameset How to use the <noframes> tag How to mix a frameset in rows and columns Frameset with noresize=“noresize” How to create a navigation frame Inline frame (a frame inside an HTML page) Jump to a specified section within a frame Jump to a specified section with frame navigation

Examples explained

HTML and Styles

Using styles in HTML Link that is not underlined Link to an external style sheet

Examples explained

HTML head Elements

Specify a title for a document One target for all links on a page

Examples explained

HTML <meta> Tags

Document description Document keywords Redirect a user

Examples explained

HTML Scripts

Insert a script Use of the <noscript> tag

Examples explained