Vídeos de la Shmoocon 2013

Ya están disponibles los vídeos de la Shmoocon 2013. Otra conferencia de seguridad de gran calidad que se celebró el pasado 15-17 de febrero en Wahington DC. Opening Remarks & Rants How to Own a Building BacNET Attack Framework Mainframed The Secrets Inside that Black Box WIPE THE DRIVE - Techniques for Malware Persistence Apple iOS Certificate Tomfoolery Hide and Seek, Post-Exploitation Style Hackers get Schooled Learning Lessons from Academia Friday Fire Talks Running a CTF - Panel on the Art of Hacker Gaming C10M Defending The Internet At Scale Paparazzi Over IP DIY Using Trust to Secure Embedded Projects Moloch A New And Free Way To Index Your Packet Capture Repository-1 OpenStack Security Brief Generalized Single Packet Auth for Cloud Envions From Shotgun Parsers to Better Software Stacks The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Swartz, Auernheimer, and Beyond Malware Analysis Collaboration Automation & Training Bright Shiny Things Intelligent DA Control Strategies of a World Class Security Inciden Armoring Your Android Apps Protecting Sensitive Information on iOS Devices Beyond Nymwars - Online Identity Battle How Smart Is BlueTooth Smart Chopshop Busting the Gh0st The Cloud - Storms on the Horizon 0wn The Con PunkSPIDER Open Source Fuzzing Proj Tgting the Internet Crypto - Youre Doing It Wrong Identity Based Internet Protocol NSM and more with Bro Network Monitor These Go To Eleven - When the Law Goes Too Far Forensics - ExFat Bastardized for Cameras Page Fault Liberation Army or Better Security Through Trapping Hacking as an Act of War MASTIFF - Automated Static Analysis Framewor Attacking SCADA Wireless Systems Ka-Ching - How to Make Real Money Is Practical Info Sharing Possible
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