Vídeos de la Hack in Paris 2013

Ya publicamos aquí una entrada con las presentaciones de la Hack in Paris 2013 y ahora os dejamos a continuación la lista de los vídeos: Remoting android applications for fun and profit Windows Phone 8 application security The Security of MDM (Mobile Device Management) systems I’m in your browser, pwning your stuff - Attacking Google Chrome extensions Origin policy enforcement in modern browsers Web Applications Forensics DBI Frameworks applied to computer security : Uses and comparative The Realex payments application security story, narrated by Security Ninja BYOD - The Privacy and Compliance Risks from Bringing Your Own Mobile Device to Work The Control of technology by nation state : Past, Present and Future - The Case of Cryptology and information security Analysis of a Windows Kernel vulnerability : from espionage to criminal use Burp Pro : Real-life tips and tricks Are we getting better?
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