Presentaciones de la DFRWS 2011


Ya podemos acceder a las presentaciones de la conferencia anual de este año de la DFRWS (Digital Forensics Research Workshop). Esta edición se celebró en New Orleans los días 1 al 3 de agosto.

A continuación os dejo la lista de las presentaciones:

  • "A System for the Proactive, Continuous, and Efficient Collection of Digital Forensic Evidence", Clay Shields, Ophir Frieder and Mark Maloof (pdf)
  • "Towards a General Collection Methodology for Android Devices", Timothy Vidas, Chengye Zhang and Nicolas Christin (pdf)
  • "Augmenting Password Recovery with Online Profiling", Khawla Al-Wehaibi, Tim Storer and Brad Glisson (pdf)
  • "An Evaluation of Forensic Similarity Hashes", Vassil Roussev (pdf)
  • "Visualization in Testing a Volatile Memory Forensic Tool", Hajime Inoue, Frank Adelstein and Robert Joyce (pdf)
  • "CAT Detect (Computer Activity Timeline Detection): A Tool for Detecting Inconsistency in Computer Activity Timelines", Andrew Marrington, Ibrahim Baggili, George Mohay and Andrew Clark (pdf)
  • "Advanced Evidence Collection and Analysis of Web Browser Activity", Junghoon Oh, Seungbong Lee and Sangjin Lee (pdf)
  • "Detecting Data Theft Using Stochastic Forensics", Jonathan Grier (pdf)
  • "Forensic Carving of Network Packets and Associated Data Structures", Robert Beverly, Simson Garfinkel and Greg Cardwell (pdf)
  • "Privacy-Preserving Network Flow Recording", Bilal Shebaro and Jedidiah Crandall (pdf)
  • "Distributed Forensics and Incident Response in the enterprise", Michael Cohen, Darren Bilby and Germano Caronni (pdf)
  • "Empirical Analysis of Solid State Disk Data Retention when used with Contemporary Operating Systems", Christopher King and Timothy Vidas (pdf)
  • "Extracting the Windows Clipboard from Memory", James Okolica and Gilbert Peterson (pdf)
  • "Reconstructing Corrupt DEFLATEd Files", Ralf Brown (pdf)