45 libros para el fin de semana :D


Bueno aquí os dejo otra lista de libros que se me han ido acumulando:

  1. Is Parallel Programming Hard, And, If So, What Can You Do About It? (Edición Mayo) (PDF)
  2. The Architecture of Open Source Applications
  3. Algorithms, 4th Edition
  4. Learn You Some Erlang
  5. Concurrent Programming in Erlang (PDF)
  6. BecomeAnXcoder (Objective-C)
  7. Objective-C 2.0 Essentials
  8. Learning Cocoa with Objective-C
  9. jQuery Fundamentals
  10. C# Yellow Book
  11. C# Programming for Beginners
  12. What the C or C++ Programmer Needs to Know About C# and the .NET Framework
  13. C# School First Edition
  14. Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in C#
  15. Dive into HTML5
  16. HTML5 Doctor
  17. Programming in Lua (first edition)
  18. Programming Gems
  19. Lua 5.1 Reference Manual
  20. Managing your eBooks with Calibre
  21. Peachpit: Web Design Reference Guide
  22. JavaScript Programming for the Absolute Beginner
  23. Foundations of Ajax, Volume 13
  24. Up to Speed on HTML 5 and CSS 3 (PDF)
  25. Learning PHP 5
  26. Head first HTML with CSS & XHTML
  27. Simply Lift
  28. The R Inferno
  29. Producing Open Source Software
  30. Getting Real
  31. Developing User-Friendly Flash Content
  32. The Web Book
  33. The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web
  34. Search User Interfaces
  35. The Woork Handbook
  36. Web Designer's Success Guide
  37. Design Your Imagination
  38. Introduction to Good Usability
  39. Taking your talent to the Web
  40. How To Be Creative
  41. The Design Funnel: A Manifesto for Meaningful Design
  42. How do you design? (PDF)
  43. KnockKnock
  44. Eloquent JavaScript A Modern Introduction to Programming
  45. Create your first website (PDF)
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