Interesante listado de enlaces sobre Python

Esta colección de enlaces te puede venir bien si estás desarrollando o aprendiendo el lenguaje Python. Desde una guía a la programación en red con Python, videos y hasta un intérprete de Lisp: “Must read”: The Python yield key­word explained Python’s super() con­sid­ered super! Under­stand­ing Python Decorators What is a meta­class in Python? Meta­classes Demystified Try/Catch for val­i­da­tion or speed? Python (and Python C API): new ver­sus init Python “self” keyword Python and the Prin­ci­ple of Least Astonishment A Curi­ous Course on Corou­tines and Concurrency Gen­er­a­tor Tricks for Sys­tems Programmers Code like a Python­ista: Idiomatic Python (2007) The entire Python Mod­ule of the week archive Also see the book — “Python Stan­dard Library by Exam­ple” (By me) Python Threads and the global inter­preter lock (By me) Get with the pro­gram as con­text manager How to write a Lisp inter­preter in Python Uni­code in Python, Com­pletely Demystified Uni­code for Dum­mies — Just use UTF-8 Debug­ging in Python How to han­dle mul­ti­ple inher­i­tance of ABCs that imple­ment each oth­ers abstract methods AOSA: Python Packaging 10 Rea­sons Python Rocks for Research (And a Few Rea­sons it Doesn’t) Beej’s Guide to Net­work Programming How to use Linux epoll with Python Python beginner’s Mistakes Com­mand Line syn­tax: Some basic Concepts Be care­ful with exec and eval in Python Dec­o­ra­tors make magic easy The detailed guide to “Tim­sort” (which Java adopted, FWIW) Notes on opti­miz­ing dictionaries How-to guide for Python Descriptors Python is Not Java(2004) Java is not Python, either Python Inter­faces are not Java Interfaces Begin­ner Python: http://wiki.
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