Vídeos DEF CON 25

DEF CON 25 Aunque no son todos los vídeos de la DEF CON 25, ya hay bastantes disponibles. Aquí tenéis una lista organizada en varias secciones: Main Track 1 Cheng - The spear to break the security wall of S7CommPlus Christopher Domas - Breaking the x86 Instruction Set Damien Cauquil - Weaponizing the BBC Micro Bit Dennis Maldonado - Real time RFID Cloning in the Field Daniel Bohannon, Lee Holmes - Revoke Obfuscation: PowerShell Obfuscation Duncan Woodbury, Nicholas Haltmeyer - Linux Stack Based V2X Framework Dor Azouri - BITSInject Dimitry Snezhkov - Abusing Webhooks for Command and Control Gerald Steere, Sean Metcalf - Hacking the Cloud Gabriel Ryan - The Black Art of Wireless Post Exploitation Hanno Bõck - Abusing Certificate Transparency Logs Gil Cohen - Call the plumber: You have a leak in your named pipe Hyrum Anderson - Evading next gen AV using AI Itzik Kotler, Amit Klein - The Adventures of AV and the Leaky Sandbox Ilja van Sprundel - Are all BSDs are created equally?
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